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A novel coronavirus (COVID-19), of which Pandemic is rapidly spreading around the world. Over two thousand randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have been conducted in the world. Yet, there are no effective and safe treatments or prophylaxis for young children, adolescent and pregnant women in this literature. The optimized interventions selections, targeting the novel virus is either for therapeutic or prophylaxis methods are still unknown. Hence, evidence from RCTs to support specific risk group for safe treatment and preventing infection against COVID-19 for Complements and Alternatives Medicines (CAMs) urgently needed.


Background: Since January 2019, joint observational studies with The Society of Comparative Integrated Medicine for Human and Animals of Japan and The Japanese Society for comparative and Alternative Medicine have been conducting. Selected herbal treatment with Wasabi mask, Shell Ginger and other herbs and fruits, ZenPhar DX ( with Cateprotect©* modified Green tea EGCG) with natural ingredients developed by Dr. Kunihiro Kaihatsu PhD. at University of Osaka, Japan) and with other Japanese proprietary remedies, Chinese Traditional Medicines including hydrogen water at various locations in Japan, U.S, Brazil, Philippines, Peru and other Countries.

It is aimed at providing an overview of the available evidence and conducting RCTs(randomised  controled traials) for the effects of CAMs as GRAS label for the treatment of COVID-19. CAMs herbal remedies are being used for treatment and preventing Infections. This methodical trials and meta-analysis being assess of those studies for the effects of Japanese traditional herbal remedies in COVID-19 pneumonia. Initial outcomes by those with small group of participants (N< 200) and either single label or RCTs, are seems to be very phenomenal and encouraging. Severe cough and short breath, high fever such as typical symptoms from COVID-19 pneumonia stopped within 24 hours.


The most of cases, their body temperature went down immediately in less than one hour after they covered their mouth and nose with Wasabi Mask. Some participants were given herbal teas orally aside with herbal teas and inhaled the ZenPhar DX mist from ultra-sonic humidifier. All the participant improved their symptoms dramatically in one or two days, among them were youngest children who is one year and six months old to eldest patient, eighty-five years old Physician herself, and oldest was ninety-one years old male. In Brazil case, one patient with PCR positive, and after treatment with Wasabi mask, his high fever went down to normal temperature range, and stopped cough within 2 hours, then after one week of the PCR test resulted negative. His wife started to have fever and cough but had not taken PCR test yet at that time. After she tried Wasabi mask to put herself on for treatment and preventing purposes, then after two day’s PCR test given was shown negative.

Current observational tests by the Society of Comparative Integrated Medicine for Human and Animals of Japan and The Japanese Society for Comparative and Alternative Medicine are consisted with three components.


  1. Wasabi Mask

  2. Ginger Shell blended Herbal tea mixture from various other herbs. Of which in those being traditionally used and as generally recognized as safe as food and food additives but have efficacy of inhibiting virus or improve flue like symptom.

  3. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) derivative known as “CateProtect” which is made from a natural material. “CateProtect has been developed through a collaborative research between Osaka University industrial science research center.

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